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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Congratulations to Sabrina McKenzie, on her ordination as a pastor!

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Atlanta, Ga. --- After creating one of the nation's most celebrated liturgical dance ministries now enjoying international acclaim, Sabrina McKenzie, a forerunner in the art and ministry of spiritual dance is ready to take her unique brand of ministry to the next level, by establishing a church focused on the arts.
     In March, McKenzie was ordained and installed as a pastor and will oversee The Epic World Center, a non-denominational and non-traditional church she established; that church will be located in Decatur, Ga., a community once nationally recognized as a thriving epicenter of African American affluence. Her goal is to help the community rebound through use of her diverse background and unique approach to addressing the various needs of the people in the community --- beginning with creative expression.
     A special celebration is planned for her Friday night, May 6, 2011, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta; her graduation is Saturday, May 7, 2011, at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.
     "In my 18 years of dance ministry, I have come to realize that the church is only as strong as the community," McKenzie said.  "As a communal church seeking to share and distribute wealth and resources, the goal for the Epic World Center will not only be (to) minister through the arts, but to aggressively participate in the social, educational, economical, political, physiological and cultural activities needed to re-establish the vitality of this community."
     McKenzie, who over the past years had professional, personal and spiritual goals of transforming the world through dance, established the International Dance Commission (IDC) in 2005, and oversees hundreds of dance ministries worldwide.
     She also established and Dancing Preachers International (DPI), where dancers from various cultures and nations express their spirituality and worship through dance. The organization has one of the largest conferences incorporating the ministry of liturgical dance in the world.
     "Our multicultural worship arts ministries tap into the spiritual aspects of the creative and centuries-old art of liturgical dance," McKenzie explained. "Both initiatives continue to bring together various Caribbean and African nations for conferences centered on worshipping God through prophetic dance," said McKenzie.
     The mother of three began her dancing career at 15, appearing in the videos of such well-known R&B artists as TLC. However, as an adult, McKenzie's life joins together dance, community and political activism, business and ministry --- all of which she juggles successfully and simultaneously.

Liturgical Dancer Becomes Pastor
     Her ITC organization has grown from 40 members to approximately 1,000 members worldwide.
     She recently completed the Chaplains program at Emory Hospital in Decatur and will be completing the Master Of Divinity program with a concentration in Pastoral Care at International Theological Center in Atlanta this May.
     The author of two books on spirituality, with a third to be released in late 2011, McKenzie says tragic life experiences --- such as losing siblings to AIDs and domestic violence --- allowed her to heal through the art of dance. However, it also led her to her new role as a pastor of the Epic World Center, where sermons will be expressed through drama, dance and song, as well as ministering the word of God.
     "We believe that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty," McKenzie said.  "I think what's unique about our church is that we will be a community-arts church located within a community-arts center."
      "We are a church centered on the arts, where people will be able to express and release their God-given gifts, allowing their abilities to flourish," she continued. "As a result, this will release the abundant life people are seeking. We will also be focused on building tomorrows leaders by teaching and instilling in young people the key virtues needed to make positive differences in this world."
     McKenzie was ordained by Bishop Earl Johnson, senior pastor of According To Pattern Ministries, who has also been an advisor for such internationally renowned pastors as Creflo Dollar and musician Micah Stampley.
     The Epic World Center will be launched in the South Dekalb area in Atlanta Georgia. The church's first service will be held in the fall.
     As an introduction to the community, the new church will offer health screenings hold a clothing drive, offer live performances and food. There will also be an opportunity for people in the community to meet and greet key community influencers, such as local politicians and business owners.
     "My mission and assignment is to serve and the international ministries God has given me and has allowed me to do this primarily through training, teaching and equipping people from all over the world," McKenzie said.  "To praise God through liturgical dance and the arts.  The Epic World Center is a natural outgrowth of my lifelong assignment and I'm ready and eager to take on this new assignment."
     For more information about Sabrina McKenzie and the Epic World Center, contact Sabrina McKenzie at 877.716.7117.


  1. Sabrina is an amazing woman of God. Many will be blessed by her fire for God.

  2. Jasmine RobinsonMonday, May 09, 2011

    Wow!!! I didn't know she was a Pastor now! I'm overjoyed at what is to come for Pastor Sabrina and will be praying Gods far and beyond favor for her new beginning! I know where I'm moving to now lol :-)