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Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Dallas' "Tribe of Judah" praise dance ministry

The other day, I stumbled across a praise-dance ministry that has been in existence since December 1999.
     The group is "The Tribe of Judah," the praise-dance ministry from Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  It currently has about 27 adult members, according to the ministry's website.
     The ministry was organized by one of the church's former Music Ministers, Anthony R. Robinson (now deceased), under the direction of dance minister Carl E. Long.
     I encourage all praise-dance ministry leaders and ministers (that's you, dancer!) to visit the group's "Tribe Ministry Leaders' page, where the Tribe leaders say:  "Leaders, be concerned about the condition of the hearts of all your dancers."
     I also found it very interesting that the ministry's leadership team includes a Minister of Praise Garments and Instruments (Nat Whitfield)!
    For more information, visit

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